The Riddle Of The Marshes

Gold bar Treasure Hunt

This unique treasure hunt was designed to lead ‘Riddlers’ on a journey of knowledge and wonder; discovering local myths, wildlife, history and legends in a little known part of the country.

Something different

The project took over three years to research, plan and implement. A cross between an interpretive trail and a geocaching experience, the “Riddle of the Marshes” represents a new way of sending visitors out into the countryside to explore and learn about its heritage. The original brief was to create a guidebook with a difference, that would send visitors on a quest to find treasure (in this case gold bullion worth £10,000!). ARC proposed a ‘Riddle Pack’ rather than a book. We wanted to create something special that people would keep so the quality of the ideas, the artwork and the materials for the pack had to be second to none.

Client: Joe Blissett / Lincolnshire Grazing Marshes Project

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