The Hub, Peacehaven Park

Architechtural Steel Sculptures

ARC worked alongside the lead architects, Kaner Olette, to produce a series of stainless steel sculptures as part of a project to remodel an old site in Peacehaven, East Sussex.

The Big Parks Project, run by Lewes District Council, aims to create new outdoor recreation and leisure facilities, on land which is part of the largest area of archaeological investigation in the South of England.

The five sculptures are an interpretation of the different themes of the site. ‘Early History’ details the archaeological heritage of the site while another design represents the founder of Peacehaven, developer Charles Neville and Gracie Fields, the entertainer who funded a childrens home there, while the final two are ‘Recreation’ and ‘Time’ as the site coincides with the point where the Greenwich meridian leaves its native shores.

We were asked to produce artworks that would be durable and eye-catching and would interpret these five themes. It was clear to us that fret cut stainless steel would be ideal, we could produce the artwork in our digital studio which was then used by a laser cutting firm to produce kits of pieces for fabrication.

Initially we developed our ideas into hand-cut cardboard models before sending the artwork far and wide to find a company that could handle the level of detail required. Cut Tec were able to cut out of the reasonably thick stainless steel that we had specified. All the pieces were then painstakingly welded together by Lee Rhodes at Deptford Sheet Metal and they were essential when it came to installing the final work on-site.

Client: Lewes District Council
The ‘Hub’, on site, was delighted when it was awarded the RIBA Southeast prize in 2016

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