Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes

Sculptural Interpretation

This interpretation project showcases a lesser-known landscape area that is fast disappearing. A series of visitor hubs and interpretation points encourage visitors to explore the area and learn about its diverse wildlife and historical features.

Sited at significant locations such as the restored windmill and museum at Burgh le Marsh, the visitor hubs include artistic and sculptural features, along with more conventional interpretation panels. Orientation and visitor information encourage visitors to explore the surrounding countryside & outlying points of interest. Features include a mosaic, a bronze toposcope (designed by Steve Pardue at Differentia), stainless steel sculptures and tactile features from etched zinc.

The frames for the interpretation panels include decorative fretted stainless steel that is ground and heat-treated to give texture and colour. In addition, there is a crest with motifs representing classic features of the Grazing Marshes landscape and each sign gets a silhouette of a famous ‘Lincolnshire Red’ cow, made from Corten steel that rusts to the perfect colour.

Client: East Lindsey District Council

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