Barking Park

Sculpture rebuild and refurbishment.

Barking Park is a sculpture originally created for the Folkestone Triennial by Pae White as a work of social sculpture, providing both a practical public use and a genuine spectacle to stop passers by in their tracks. After some time it was clear that the sculpture was in need of some rebuilding; in fact, total refurbishment and replacement in some areas.

Using our local chestnut coppice supplier contact, we rebuilt the log climbing structure, made two new log benches and renovated all the other areas within this small park. The flint grit we laid down really finished off the works nicely and it’s great to see people (and dogs!) enjoying it once more.

As a footnote, ARC produced a signage scheme of special circular plaques which labelled all of the sculptural artworks in the Trienial collection.

Client: Folkestone Triennial Artworks

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