Joe at ARC

Hi I’m Joe,

I’m the new addition to the ARC team and will be working here for the next couple of months. I’ve been looking to find a gateway into the creative industry by gaining knowledge and a further understanding of the media through new challenges and experiences.

The reason I felt I wanted to come and complete my work placement here at ARC Creative in Folkestone, was mainly down to the extreme diversity of services and understanding of the field they have to offer. The team have also made me feel very welcome in their office. Coupled with the homely fire (It’s quite chilly in the morning!) and the relaxed atmosphere, makes ARC Creative a very enjoyable place to be.

I began this journey through my interest in Media Studies at GCSE. This very much involved analysing all different types of media, whether it may be the way that film posters are laid out, designed and finished, or through a companies website and logo. After creating my own short-film for an assignment in class, I started to develop a hobby for film and more so photography.

I would always be taking photos on my phone of landscapes, structures or foliage around me that I found to be of interest, but it wasn’t until one year where I received a Nikon DSLR camera as a birthday gift that my hobby really took off. I have mainly focused on landscape photography since I began around a year ago, but I hope to gain more inspiration and expand this into other areas of film and photography, whilst gaining many other skills to help further my understanding of business, design, and the process of landscaping and installation during my time here at ARC Creative.

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