Its mushroom time

Autumns here and fully underway, so for foragers, like us here at ARC, this means its mushroom time.  Luckily we have an expert in edible fungi in the shape of Silvie.  Growing up in rural Poland meant she was regularly taught by her family how to find mushrooms in the pine and birch forests and which ones were safe to eat.  So, with Silvies’s 30 years of experience at our side we feel confident that we won’t be discovered later on, blue, still and lifeless !!

It was a very successful trip and our basket contained various Bolete type mushrooms including penny buns, ceps, slippery jacks and even a King bolete!

If you are thinking of heading out this weekend look for a spot with pine and birch woodland and start early. Below are some good pointers on identification from

But the golden rule is if you arn’t sure then leave it behind.  Also, get a couple of field guides to take with you if you don’t have a Silvie as they can be very useful not only for identification but also some have some great recipes. On that note heres my favourite one (make sure you use your mushrooms dried and chop them finely)

Needless to say our house is a wild mushroom drying paradise right now and the smell is intoxicating!

Happy foraging !

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