Barnes Lodge is nearly there

Barnes Lodge is nearly there and the contractors are on the home straight ! Residents are now moved in to the ground floor of this state of the art residential home.  They are enjoying all the new facilities that Barnes Lodge has to offer them.

We went back recently to start on the signage installation for the interior and couldn’t believe the transformation.  It wasn’t so long ago that we were standing in the snow looking at the muddy foundations wondering how on earth they were going to build such a huge building in such a short time!

Our signs will help visitors and residents find their way around. They are mostly our famous Baked Alaska product (no tittering in the cheap seats please). Its a print which is baked onto the aluminium backing sheet.  We started calling it Baked Alaska a while back as we couldn’t think of a name for it, but it has truly stuck and our clients always remember to ask for it.

Some of the other signs are made from routed seasoned Oak and give a really nice soft quality feel.  Residents have already remarked on how nice they look.

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